Natural Choice Family Day Care Educator’s and Children have this week been celebrating Halloween in their services. Children have come to care dressed as a scary creature or their favourite character.

Our creative Educators have planned wonderful experiences for the children to have fun, extend their learning and get messy. The experiences ranged from trick a treating with another Family Day Care service, loose parts play including playdough to make scary monsters, hidden creatures in jelly for the children to find and place into their Halloween containers with spoons and collages with a range of different resources and materials.

As Natural Choice Family Day Care plan based on the children’s interests as this is seen as one of the most effective ways to promote learning, because of the vast amount of Halloween decorations and costumes that can be seen in supermarkets, shops and on T.V, many children show a keen interest in exploring Halloween. Halloween has since evolved and become more of a community-based celebration filled with fun and treats for children. Natural Choice Family Day Care wishes our Educators, Families, Children, and the Community a Happy Halloween.