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Staff are very dedicated to the scheme. Laura is enthusiastic, happy to help whenever she can and always thinking of creative ideas to inspire us educators. Megan goes above and beyond to help us educators with anything we need - I always feel comfortable calling Megan to ask her a question, which is one of the best ways she provides support. I trust Megan to make sure we're meeting regulations and following policies and make sure all administrative tasks are up to date. Megan really cares about being a good coordinator and is continuously building upon her skills and knowledge. The scheme supports me in my early education philosophies, which I'm really thankful for in regard to risky play and fostering independence.
Kendra NCFDC Educator

Coming over from another scheme I was supported before even joining NCFDC. I was a little hesitant for a change at first, but Megan was so reassuring and welcoming, and nothing was ever any trouble. I loved how organised the scheme was, I was blown away the day when Megan and the CDO walked in my door with a bundle of folders categorised and full of blank copies, so I didn’t have to organise myself or even print for that matter! Megan was always so open to any changes or negotiations I had and provided me with such amazing recognition, praise, and encouragement for my day care environment. It was a breath of fresh air joining NCFDC and I have no regrets.
- Chelsea NCFDC Educator

When I decided, I would like to give family day care a try, I did a bit of a google search for the Illawarra. I chose Natural Choice as it was close to home for me. Then I met with Megan at the office and was stoked with all the information she gave me and made my decision to do family day care feel like the right decision for me and my family.
– Alanna NCFDC Educator

When looking to start up family day care I reached out to Natural Choice Family Day Care with lots and lots of questions. The communication I received was always prompt and so friendly and put my mind at ease with the whole process. They have continued to support me throughout my journey and are always there to help.
– Ashlii NCFDC Educator

What stood out to me the most when changing over was the passion both Laura and Megan have for the scheme and were open to new suggestions and being a smaller scheme can give great support to their educators. The process to move over was so easy. Speaking to a few educators before making my decision and hearing how happy they all had helped me with the push to move. The young bright vibe from the office makes you always feel happy and appreciated.
– Steph, NCFDC Educator

I chose NCFDC because Megan was able to answer every question I had. She also gave me ideas for compliance issues that were more cost effective than what I had thought of. Mostly though, it was just a "feeling" I got with NCFDC that I didn't get with other schemes. 5 years later I know I made the right choice.
– Jalina, NCFDC Educator

When I decided to make the career change , I researched Family Day Care in my area and then reached out to Natural Choice Family Day Care , I found the office staff and management team to be very supportive and full of encouragement , they guided me through the whole process of starting a Family Day Care business from my home from simple advice on resources I would need to being compliant with the industry standards. Over the years management and the office staff have changed but I have always felt supported knowing that even through you are working on your own you know that you are just a phone call away from support, advice or just reassurance that you are doing ok and knowing you have this support behind you has made me thankful that I made the plunge 8 yrs. ago'
– Elaine, NCFDC Educator

“I was looking for a scheme that cared...…. Natural Choice was that scheme. Not even the restrictions of Covid 19 stopped Megan from introducing Natural Choice and doing all she could to guide me through the process.”
– Kerry, NCFDC Educator

For me working as the admin for Natural Choice and visiting all the other educators started to make me miss the interaction with the children and the fun day to day activities, we can get involved in. I wouldn't have gone with any other scheme as I saw how dedicated Megan and Amanda are and how much support the educators got, so it was a must to sign up with you when I was ready to get back to work.
– Sarah, NCFDC Educator

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